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When Briana was little, she was inspired by her Dad to start singing. Briana marched for Gustine’s Holy Ghost festa from 2010-2011 at age 5. During the dance, she was asked to sing a Portuguese song with the band playing that night in front of a crowd. It was Briana’s first time, but she really liked it and over the years has taken a large interest in singing.  Throughout the Elementary School, she sang in the talent shows and even did a duet with her sister Vanessa one year.  When Briana got a little older around age 10 or so, her siblings started to play music. They played in a Portuguese marching band. That inspired Briana to pick up an instrument herself which was the flute. For a few years, Briana took band in school and learned to play her instrument better by ear, which she now plays in the band, Generations.

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