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Frank Sequeira was born in Chowchilla California and raised there as a young child.  His parents, Raymond and Mary Sequeira moved their family of 4 children to Turlock when Frank was 13 years old.  He Graduated from Turlock High School in 1991 and married his wife Ana in 1997 and began their  life together  in a home he built in Turlock.  They had their 3 children  in Turlock and moved to Newman CA in 2007 where they reside today.  Frank noticed musical talents among his 3 children, Vanessa, Anthony and Briana and they decided to start a band together along with Paul Duarte- GENERATIONS... 

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Franks Father, Raymond Sequeira's father and grand parents immigrated from the Azores island of Terceira in the early 1900's and Mother, Mary Sequeira was born on the Azores island of Sao Jorge and immigrated from Angola Africa to the US in 1960 when she was 9 years old.  They were very involved with attending Portuguese Celebrations and dances while raising their family and music was always played around the home.  Frank took an interest in Music at an early age and taught himself to play piano and drums.  He began singing in his teens and started performing at Portuguese and American venues at age 16.  Frank owned and along with a close friend, operated Golden Avenue Recording, a recording studio in his early to mid 20's and withdrew from the music scene in 2000, but has kept music as a hobby over the years until recently.


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