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Vanessa was born in Turlock and raised in Newman Ca. She attends Hilmar Highschool and graduating in 2019. In the band, Generations, she is the guitarist and one of the singers. Along with playing in the band, she enjoys showing in FFA and most of all her Portuguese Culture. Attending the Portuguese celebrations with family and friends has always been her favorite as well as dancing at the festas. 
Since day one, music has always been a big impact on Vanessa's life. What inspired her love for music was her dad. In grade school she started learning how to read music as well as picking up her first instrument, the clarinet. At age 12 she joined the Portuguese marching band, Lira Acoriana de Livingston playing the Alto Sax. One of her favorite memories from playing in the marching band was playing music with her family and friends and marching in Festas de San Joninas on the island of Terceira, Azores
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